In the summer, the windows felt like heating elements and was very unpleasant to sit near them. The air conditioner was overwhelmed and was unable to keep up with the demand for cooling. We expected some improvement in controlling the afternoon sun; but never expected the significant change that Koolshade made.

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Newman Architectural Products Inc.

About Us


Bill Newman, the owner of Newman Architectural Products, attended high school in Scarborough Ontario. Alter high school he attended Ryerson University. At the time that Bill attended Ryerson is was then known as a Polytechnical College.

Bill graduated from Ryerson with a Diploma in Architectural Technology.

For the first three years after graduation Bill worked in the Premises Department of the Canadian Imperial Bank Of Commerce. |[ CIBC ) located in downtown Toronto.

Bill's duties included all aspects in the design, working drawings, specifications and outside supervision of both small and large commercial projects, across Canada and the Bahamas.

After leaving the CLBC, Bill worked for several years at the architectural - engineering firm of Dunlop, Wardell, Matsui, and Aitken . (DWlvIA ). Now a Stantec offioe. DWIVLA was originally located in Etobicolte but as the firm increased in size and importance it moved to larger premises on lower Church Street, in downtown Toronto.

Bill next moved to San Jose, California where he worked 4 years for the architectural firm of Porter, Price And Meston. Bill's duties included project management, specification writing and outside supervision for a wide range of commercial, educational and medical projects.

Bill and his family moved back to Toronto and Bill again went to work for the next seven years for DWMA. “Then DWMA decided to separate into two different companies Bill took a position as a building products salesman for the DUNN Products Company, located in Oakville, Ontario. This company made ceiling and wall systems and access floors.

Bill enjoyed his time with this firm, and after a successful year of selling in the Ontario market he was promoted as Western Canada Sales Manager, with offices and warehouses in Winnipeg, Calgary and Vancouver, where Bill and his family located.

After seven years in Western Canada, where Bill grew Donn Product's market share from just under 30% to just over 50%, he was offered the position as National Sales Manager with the plan to move back to Oakville, Ontario.

Bill and his children decided not to move back to Ontario, as they had grown to love the West Coast Life - Style. Bill left Donn Products in June of 1970 and started his company.

Bill's achievements include being one of the eight founders of the Ontario Association Of Architectural Technologists And Technicians, Past President of the Ryerson Architectural Alumni Association, Past President of an international building products association known as the Distributors Council, Inc. -

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