In the summer, the windows felt like heating elements and was very unpleasant to sit near them. The air conditioner was overwhelmed and was unable to keep up with the demand for cooling. We expected some improvement in controlling the afternoon sun; but never expected the significant change that Koolshade made.

- BC Transit

Newman Architectural Products Inc.

Architectural Louvers & Vents

L & L Louvers manufactures steel, stainless steel and aluminum architectural and mechanical wall louvers, penthouses, grills and screens, door louvers, and Acoustical Louvers; of both parabolic and airfoil design, are installed all across the U.S. in major installations.

We make curved and round louvers from both aluminum and steel, we also make radius head, triangular or parabolic designs. Many of our products have been tested by AMCA and/or Western Acoustical Laboratories.


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