In the summer, the windows felt like heating elements and was very unpleasant to sit near them. The air conditioner was overwhelmed and was unable to keep up with the demand for cooling. We expected some improvement in controlling the afternoon sun; but never expected the significant change that Koolshade made.

- BC Transit

Newman Architectural Products Inc.

Decoform Shapes & Materials

DecoForm manufactures interior and exterior products in various materials and finishes. Projects with repetitive or modular shapes are prime candidates. Dramatic savings in site labour can often be realised and superstructure requirements reduced as the result of using pre-moulded shapes.

GFRC is glass fiber reinforced concrete with a minimum thickness of 1/2". True GFRC incorporates cast-in-place steel skeletons with re-bar outriggers which in turn are welded to the building structure. GFRC components can be supplied pre-coloured.

GRC is glassfiber reinforced cement that is typically 5/16" thick and mechanically attached via screws. GRC is lighter in weight which makes it possible to install larger components without major lifting equipment. GRC is primed and painted on site.

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