In the summer, the windows felt like heating elements and was very unpleasant to sit near them. The air conditioner was overwhelmed and was unable to keep up with the demand for cooling. We expected some improvement in controlling the afternoon sun; but never expected the significant change that Koolshade made.

- BC Transit

Newman Architectural Products Inc.

Exterior Sun Shading Systems



KOOLSHADE is the result of nearly 65 years of extensive research and development which has made it the most efficient, effective and aesthetically pleasing method of solar control. The unique KOOLSHADE method stops the sun before it ever contacts the windows by means of bronze wire micro - louvers.

KOOLSHADE is a miniature Venetian blind with fixed horizontal blades set to stop the greatest possible amount of solar rays before they get inside the building. Made of pre- oxidised, painted bronze wiring with 20 horizontal blades to each vertical ( 1" I 25 mm. Each blade is 1.27 mm wide and 0.178 mm thick and each blade is held at a 30 degree angle by nearly unnoticeable vertical wires twisted around each blade at I 1/2" )
12.7 mm intervals. The blades tilt at an angle of 30 degrees outward and downward. The screening is anchored into an aluminium frame and installed outside of the window. The screening are available up to ( 72" ) 1830 mm in width.


KOOLSHADE creates a shade barrier between the sun and the glass. This shade barrier will prevent any significant solar heat gain and will result in significant first cost reductions and a significant reduction in operating costs. KOOLSHADE, mounted in front of a clear glass insulated unit and with the angle of the sun at 20 degrees or more, will give a shading coefficient as low as .22. As an example 6 mm ( 1/4" ) bronze heat absorbing plate glass with white Venetian blinds will give a shading coefficient of only .55. In most cases room temperatures can be lowered by 10 to 11 degrees Celsius with the use of KOOLSHADE shade screens.

KOOLSHADE introduces a uniformity of appearance to all windows and the exterior appearance is controlled at the fenestration areas where building design is the most critical. Outward visibility, glare reduction and resistance to high winds is excellent.


Exterior KOOLSHADE solar shade screen is recommended by all recognised authorities in the field of air-conditioning and architecture as one of the most cost effective methods of reducing the solar heat gain of buildings through sun facing windows.


KOOLSHADE solar shades have been a proven product since 1939. It has been installed on major buildings in all parts of Canada, the United States, Australia, France, Italy and other European countries since the early 1940's.


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